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We use the iCombat Laser Tag system. With this system we offer a wide variety of game types and are able to keep score.

Serving Knoxville, TN
and the surrounding area!

Welcome to Mobile Tactics Laser Tag

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Clinton City 4th of July

Why Outdoor Laser Tag for Birthday Parties?

1. Price - Compared to a traditional laser tag facility, you get more for your money. The average cost for 12 players is $96 for one 15 minute game. So to play for 2 hours is $768!! Our Corporal Package for 12 players for 2 hours and as many games within those 2 hours. This is a total of $300 for a 2 hour game and that's a savings of $468.

2. Convenience - We come straight to your house and set up in the yard, or in a near by park (if allowed by city ordinance). So there is no need to travel with a large group of people or be away from the house. We also are available for office, school, or church functions.

3. Types of Games - Compared to a traditional laser tag facility where you get one continuous 15 minute game to rack up points. At Mobile Tactics Laser Tag you get as many games as many as possible with in the 2 hours. Also, we offer different game scenarios. Such as:
Capture the Flag Last Man Standing V.I.P.
Defender Supply Run Traitor
Rescue One Hit Wonder Team Elimination
Click here to see details of the game types.

4. VS. Paintball and Airsoft -
Compared to paintball and airsoft you do not use any projectiles of any kind. We use safe infrared signals from the taggers. This eliminates the need to buy paint or pellets and allows the games to be played indoors, near houses or cars.