Capture the Flag
Place one flag in the center of the playing area (forests are the best playing field). Both teams try to capture the flag and advance it to the opposing team's base to win.
Last Man Standing
All vs All.
Opposite team must eliminate a specific person on the opposite team, known or hidden. Transfer a single player with low tags to a specific location while the other team is out to eliminate.
One team must defend their flag from the other team. Attacking team has unlimited lives and ammo but must respawn back at base after each hit.(45 secs Respawn) Defending team has 5 lives and must defend the flag for 10 minutes. Best 2 out of 3
One player on each team is designated as a traitor by the game master. After the traitor is "activated" he switches over to the other team and starts to attack his former teammates. 1-5 minutes into the game the game master shouts a select word to activate the traitor.
Heal Me, Hurt Me
Team Elimination with Medics
One Hit Wonder
Everyone starts with 1 hit remaining. People play a lot more carefully with only one life.
Team Elimination
Two teams enter one team leaves victorious.
Teams are broken down into Humans and Terminators. Special characters are also available for the Human side. For the Human players to win, they must keep John Conner alive for the entire game. For the Terminators to win, they must kill John Conner before the time runs out.
Players divide up into two groups and start on either side of the playing field: Humans and Zombies. Zombies are given a large amount of health and a small amount of ammo. Humans are given a small amount of health and a large amount of ammo.
All Vs 2 Juggernaut have lives times number of players on other team. Ex 8 vs 2 Juggernaughts have 8 lives each.
All Vs 2 Juggernaughts Juggernaughts have 10 lives and infinity ammo1 or 2 Hunters have 5 minuets to find and tag all the Prey, who have 1 Life and 1 Ammo. Hunters have Unlimited Health and Ammo.
Dead Aim Low ammo, Free for all. Ammo reset after respawn. 10 Sec Respawn
Bunny Hunt Bunny hides before game starts and must survive the Hunters, but the Bunny has a health and
ammo advantage. 5 Min time limit
Down But Not Out Fight to be the first team to eleminate the other players before they respawn. 1 Min respawn time
game ends when all members of a team tagged
Sharing is Caring Each team gets Tickets that equal 4 Times the number of players. 6 Players = 24 Tickets
Supply Run
7 Bags on the map. Team with the most at the end of 5 mins wins 30 sec respawn. Each player can only carry one at a time and if hit must drop the bag and return to base. Don't forget to guard the ones you have collected.