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Parties -

For Parties with 6 to 18 players*. These packages have custom code names for each player and has a Variety of game types.

Private Package

Prices: $200.00 PLUS TAX
6 Players
2 Hours
Additional Player
  . Additional Hour $50.00

Corporal Package

Prices: $300.00 PLUS TAX
12 Players
2 Hours
Additional Player
  Save $20! Additional Hour $50.00

Sergeant Package

Prices: $400.00 PLUS TAX
18 Players
2 Hours
Additional Player
  Save $40!!!!!!! Additional Hour $50.00

*Players in Parties packages must be same person for entire party


Events -

Events Packages are best for large group events, team events and fundraisers. Players try to get the high score in a 10 minute round, then the next group tries to do the same.

Squad Package

Prices: $300.00 PLUS TAX
6-18 Taggers per round
2 Hours Additional Hour $75.00

*No Code names or Game types


Fundraiser -

We offer a Fundraiser package for Churches, groups or charities. Each game will last 10 minutes and any variety of games. Please Contact us for more details about our Fundraisers.

Fundraiser Package

Prices: Negotiable
Even Split